email issues after update


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Feb 9, 2011
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My phone updated last week and since then when I click on my email ( pop3 account) the phone has to connect to the server and check for new emails before I can see any of the current ones already on the phone.
This usually takes 4-5 seconds which I find unacceptable.
Before the update when I clicked on the email tab, all the emails currently on the phone would show and I could go to the new ones, and while doing this if there were new emails, they would appear at the top.
Is there a way to stop the phone from Having to check for new emails everytime I open up the email app?

Sometimes when I do this, I get a black screen with a message that says there are no emails.
Even though there is a number on the email tab that tells me there are new unread emails.
When I click the "load more emails" then the phone does it's loading thing and 4-5 seconds layer the emails show up.
I talked with the Samsung guy at Best Buy today and he said there are a lot of problems with the Verizon update.

Anyone find a solution?