Email ap crashes when I try to open a message


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Dec 20, 2009
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Hi, I am a new Droid owner. It's my first smart phone. Got it mainly to have constant access to work email while traveling. Took me a while to figure out how to configure it to access my office's windows server, but I got it working.

It was flawless for about a week, but tonight it started crashing each time I tried to open an email. I get an error message, that leaves me only with the option to force close.

The confusing thing is that I am still linked to the server. I get new email titles -- I just can't open them without getting the errort message "Sorry! The application Email ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again....Force Close"

Has anyone else dealt with this? Is the problem with my email application or with my server?

Yeah the same thing is happenning to me. I talked to my IT Guy about it since he set up my account for the exchange server but had no idea what's causing it. He also has a Droid that he's trying out as a possible blackberry replacement for our company but hasn't had the exchange email problem. Im thinking about taking to Verizon to see if they have any solutions.
This issue literally kept me up stewing all night last night. I found a number of other sites with forum discussions on Droid issues, including a lot with the same email issue. Then, I found a post with this advice:

"I had the same problem after trying to download an xls file.

I tried stopping SyncManager as well as, and no luck.

I think it might have been "stuck" trying to read the file. (Ugh... terrible implementation of email.)

At any rate, I found a workaround.

Go to Home>Settings>Applications>Manage Applications

Click the Menu button and select "Filter"

Select "Running"

Scroll down to the "Email" application. Select "Clear Data"

(This is effectively the same thing as deleting the account and starting over, however when I tried to delete/recreate the account using the UI, it didn't work. After deleting the information through the Application Manager, it appears that my email is working now.)

I reconfigured it without SSL, to only show one day's worth of email, and to scan every 5 minutes.... so that it doesn't saturate the system resources.

Hope this helps.

Well, it did work, thank you VERY much. If you're having the same problems with emails not opening, this fixed it for me. Though, it has only been about 15 minutes since it started working. From other forums, it appears there are a monumental number of bugs with the Droid. This is the first one I have found and solved. Good luck.