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Jan 11, 2010
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I have a problem opening emails - try to open and get error message "Sorry, the app email (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." I force close and try to open any email again but get same message.. I'm using an exchange server through work and everything was working great until I downloaded app and that's when problem started. I deleted the app, did soft boot, took battery out without success. Thank you in advance for your time and help. David
I'm having this same problem, nothing seems to make a difference! Does anyone know how to fix this?
I ended up doing a factory reset to get it working again..I saved all my apps on my sd card and then launched them again once I wiped everything.
anyone else seeign this still? it just started on mine yesterday out of no where and, like most people using it, need this to be working. Has anyone else found a resolve to this besides having to save all the apps to the card and restoring factory defaults?

if not can someone point me to some sort of instruction on how to move all the apps to the sd card and doing a factory rest?
To back up my apps, I used Astro - if you go into Astro, then the menu, then Tools, you will see an option for Apllication Manager/Backup..I'm pretty new at this so there might be a better way but it worked for me - hope this helps!
For a factory reset - go to the menu from home screen and then to Privacy - under that you will see the option for Factory Data Reset...good luck!
ok i got the program, did the backup, and the reset. but after playing and searching for a hour now i can figure out how to put my apps back on. do i need to reload astro then go back onto my sd to reinstall?
ok i did the above and am installing the apps now....i feel like an idiot knowing the answer and not trying it first.

edit - this did work in fixing my issue. I had to reconnect to my server but other than that it was pretty seamless and id recommend this to anyone who has this issue. And astro is a nice and easy to use back up program as well.
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This should work as well and you don't have to do a full phone reset:

Go to Home>Settings>Applications>Manage Applications
Click the Menu button and select "Filter"
Select "Running"
Scroll down to the "Email" application. Select "Clear Data"
then after recreating your account it should work.