Easytether...I've screwed something up. help please.


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Jan 24, 2011
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Newbie here and thanks for your help in advance.

I'm brand new to the smart phone world and I have 2 new Incredibles with Verizon. I heard about Easytether and thought i'd try it.

I have 2 laptops and I need both phones to connect with them. I have downloaded Easytether Pro on both phones. Incredible1 (I1) will connect and Easytether works fine with both Laptop1 and (L2). I2 will connect and work with L1 but will not with L2. When I plug the usb into L2 and I2 instead of the usual (bong-bing) device recognized tone, I get a bong-bong-bong and "not connected" on the Easy tether icon.
L2 had to be re-formated recently and is running a slightly older version of XP. What baffles me is that I1 will connect to L2 and L1, I2 will connect to L1 but not L2.
Where do I start?:confused:
Are they both running the same ROM/both at stock unrooted?

The one Incredible (2 I think?) that won't connect to that laptop, well the "triple ding" sound means you don't have a driver installed for that phone, for whatever reason.

I would try reinstalling HTC Sync with the Incredible that DOES NOT work plugged into the laptop you are having problems with.

Ignore the "disable antivirus" and the "make sure phone is not connected" messages if they show up.
Thanks. Both phones are stock. Where would I go to re-install HTC sync?
I finally got it working. Thanks for your help. I wasnt using sync at all before and directly connecting with easytether. Installing HTC sync works with this device and laptop.

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