easytether pro problems


Jun 21, 2010
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OK, I have had this problem for a while, had another post but it got lost somewhere with no answers.

I sent my old Rezound in because of overheating issues. Have had easytether on it for a few months and loved it. When I got the replacement it did a wierd thing, it would connect to the internet fine, I could browse pages great but if I tried to watch a video it would slow to a stop after a minute or 2. If I tried to run a speedtest it would jump up to 8 or 9 mgps then fall off and never finish the test it just starts falling until there is nothing.

I convinced VZW to replace it again and now the second new phone does the exact same thing. I tried another computer same thing. Restored phone to factory fresh, same thing!!! Could it be my sim card?? Oh yeah, I tried one of the other wired programs with the same result

Please help me, this is driving me nuts and the company that built easytether are NO HELP!!!!