Easytether not letting me log into World of Warcraft


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Jan 18, 2012
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Those of you unfamiliar with how WoW works, when you open the program, a game 'Launcher' pops up. It has patch info, latest news, etc. You then click "Play" to open wow.exe

The launcher has an active connection and has downloaded enough of the game to play. However, when I open the game and try and log in, it only says "Connecting" and then gives me an error message. "Unable to connect...etc"

I have already called blizzard support and because my internet connection is through a smartphone tether (easytether) they cannot help me because it is not a supported method of connection.

My question is this: Does anyone know if easytether blocks any ports that WoW needs to log in? How come my launcher is downloading at over 600kbps but when I open wow.exe, it cannot connect to a server?

Firewalls are off, router is NOT the problem. I've used another tethering app, but I've had the same problem. I've also used easytether to play wow last year.