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Oct 13, 2010
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I have a droid 1 with MULTIPLE issues,i personally think the verizon network is real sh&t half the time,but the techs are giving me a droid 2 to keep me happy and try not to let me out of my contract...

SOoo the question is i am rooted right now on droid 1 with easyroot,when i get the droid 2 can i use easyroot?If so how do i transfer that over?Do i need to re-buy it?
Ice cold is correct easy root doesn't work on frg22d, but once signing into your google account all the apps you paid for will show "purchased" in your market download section. You can install them again for free.

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If you want to root your D2, I'd say browse the D2 section on this forum. Since it has a locked bootloader, the hackability of the phone is nowhere near as high as the D1 (for an example, just today was the ability to overclock the D2 announced).