Earpiece Doesn't Work


Jan 11, 2010
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Appleton, WI
I dropped by Razr MAXX in some water earlier this week and immediately put it in a bag of rice. The next day I took it out and noticed that the smart action I had set-up for when a pair of headphones were plugged was active, I couldn't get this to go away so I just disabled that smart action and didn't think anything of it. Yesterday I tried making a call and did not have any sound coming out of the earpiece of the phone, I turned on speaker phone and everything worked OK.

I was able to confirm that the earpiece issue is being caused by the phone thinking that there is always a pair of headphones plugged in. I installed SoundAbout and turned off Wired Headset Detection and the sound now works in the earpiece. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can permanently fix this issue? This appears to be the only issue caused by dropping it in water.