e-mail folder sync


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Dec 11, 2011
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I just got a BIONIC a couple of weeks ago. I use SeaMonkey for my POP3 home e-mail account, and I've checked "Leave messages on server until I delete them." The same messages appear in the Inboxes on my phone and PC. I'd like to replicate the local folder structure for saved messages that I have on my PC, so if I read a message on my phone and move it to the "Travel" folder, for example, it will reside in that folder on my PC as well, and vice versa. But my phone only has Inbox, Trash, Outbox and Sent folders.

Something I read said that MyPhoneExplorer would allow me to sync my phone to my PC the way I want to. I can't find the forum entry now, but I thought it said that although the phone won't allow you to create new folders, MyPhoneExplorer would mirror any folders you had created on your PC. Anybody know how to do this? In MPE, the Messages section only contains SMS text messages sent and received on my phone. I don't see anything in the menus to allow me to direct it to my e-mail account or the local SeaMonkey folders on my PC. I have the phone connected to my PC with the USB cable.

Is there another app I should be using? I've seen some mention of K-9 Mail ... anybody know if that will do what I want?