K9 Mail Questions


Dec 3, 2010
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I am using K9 on my D2G. I have the manditory GMail acct to activate the phone and have four email accounts on K9, my preferred reader.
I have a GMail account on K9 that is puzzling me.
on the All Account Screen i see the account and it has 85 messages.
I go to the account and see two previously read messages.
I then i go Folder list and see 81 of them is in Gmail/All Mail folder. Most of them are messages i have deleted but still there.
First question, is why they are there and not the INBOX?

back to the folder view, it says i have 4 messages in the INBOX. I go there and only see the two previously mentioned. Where are the other two?

Third, what doe it mean in settings about first class mail?

and finally, is there a manual online for K9 mail?

many thanks...enjoying the D2g MUCH BETTER than the Pro.