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Jan 3, 2010
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before the 621 sbf was released i thought i had bricked my phone because i was experimenting with cm9, when the phone restarted and i wound up stuck at the M logo ... long story short, i flashed the 602 sbf and that's how i bricked it.

verizon sent me a new phone because it was still under warranty.

the phone came with 605. i rooted it, then installed OTA rootkeeper. then i installed 621 and my root was preserved. but i went back to cm7.1, because i found some bugs with 621 (i.e., it wasn't letting me set up my alarms properly).

so this new phone started out with 605, then i went to 621, now i am running cm7.1 from a backup i had made on my sd card from my previous phone. so far it's running ok, but i want to know that i can go back to 621 safely ....

so the history of this phone so far is:

started with 605
rooted (oneclick)
ota rootkeeper saved root
updated to 621
backed up 621 in bootstrap
restored cm7.1 in bootstrap

i want to know more about how system and data are organized/structured on the phone. so when i am doing backups/restores from clockworkmod, is that completely wiping memory of any trace of software to start fresh, or are some remnants of the old filesystem still in tact/not erased ?
anyone out there with any foresight on this ?

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If you do a data wipe then all user data is erased (think market apps), a cache wipe will wipe any stored cache and a system wipe will wipe the ROM (do not wipe system without installing a ROM immediately after).
so a system wipe is essentially formatting the phone's memory, right ?

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A system AND data wipe will wipe erase everything. You can do a system wipe but it won't touch user data. You can do a data wipe but it won't touch the system.
Does anyone know if there is any help with rooting 621 yet

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