DVORAK keyboard?


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Sep 16, 2010
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Im not sure if this would be possible, but could somebody make a keyboard app that could switch the stock keyboard from QWERTY to a DVORAK layout? I use DVORAK on my computers at home and would love it if i could turn my droids keyboard into DVORAK also.

Its a Moto Droid X btw, if that helps. :motdroidvert:
Actually on one of my computers, i DO have Linux installed.
Looks like a great app but doesnt change it in my droid.
Nevermind i figured it out. Sad that i cant use Swype though.
You sound like the type of person that would like 8pen. It's supposed to be an "optimized" keyboard for portable devices. It does away with the whold premise of keyboard and it's a gesture based input method based on most used/least use layout. I like swype using standard qwerty format but I'm a touch typist so I've memorized qwerty and it feels natural. I have a friend that has his computer set up with DVORAK and it confuses me every time I sit down to his keyboard.
how to change keyboard settings?

Nevermind i figured it out. Sad that i cant use Swype though.

looks like you figured out how to get your keyboard to be Dvorak; I somehow inadvertently changed a setting and now my droid 4 physical keyboard is mapped for Dvorak - are you able to tell me how to put it back to qwerty?