Blackberry kind of keyboard?


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Dec 19, 2009
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I just switched from the Pearl to the Droid about a month ago, and I didn't realize how much I would miss my old qwerty keyboard, where there is 2 letters per key... I could type a 160 character text in a matter of seconds; now it takes me alot longer. I was trying to find an app for a new keyboard, and all I could find was "Better Keyboard", and that is just a bad app that needs alot of work.

I was wondering if anyone had found something better?
I was wondering if anyone had found something better?

Ex-BB user here also....I found a better keyboard when I came over to the Droid. The Stock Android Keyboard...
I'm coming from a BB Curve... for all of about half a day I missed the keyboard... I gravitated to the physical keyboard for most of my first week, this week I find myself using the landscape virtual keyboard more and more... the portrait one not so much, but digging the landscape one... give yourself time, this isn't a blackberry device
Ex-Curve here also... I haven't slid open the physical keyboard in 3 weeks now.
Never thought I would ever get used to a touch screen keyboard, but I would never go back now.
Better Keyboard has T9 I believe and Handcent has a T9 keyboard called "handcent keyboard" (separate install from Handcent SMS)
You can get the two letters per key short keyboard from the Pearl with BetterKeyboard. However, it doesn't spell things out like the pearl would've and I found it to be a PITA so I returned it and never went back.