DROID2 bootloop at M screen


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Mar 13, 2012
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Alright so today in school i was going to try to play Drawsomething and my phone wouldnt open the game it just went back to the apps. So, i turned off my phone and back on but then it froze at the motorola screen. I tried battery pulls, removing my sd card, putting it on the charger. I even factory reset it. But still nothing has worked. I read some people talking about flashing a sbf or something. I dont know how to do that or what version OS i have. Oh and if it helps to know my droid hasnt been rooted, i tried but the z4root didnt work right awhile back. But if i had to flash the sbf how would i do that because i cant connect my phone to a computer. the computer doesnt recognize the phone anymore. Unless, i take the sd card out and put stuff on that and go to safe mode and such after? But any help would be greatly appreciated.