Droid 2 bootloop


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Mar 3, 2012
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I recently flashed Liberty3 D2-2.0 Gold to my droid 2. I decided to flash steel droid (I can't remember which version) the other night, and since my phone was on gingerbread and not froyo, it put my phone in bootloop. I can get it into android system recovery <3e> but that gets nothing done. I can also get into the boot screen but I can't seem to find the right sbf file or a working RSD. I currently have the sbf: VRZ_A955_2.3.20_1FF_01f
I want to make sure that is the right one, I am worried about really messing up my phone and all that. Also RSD 4.7 won't recognize my phone and I can't find a working link to any newer RSD versions. If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it since I've read through this site and many others for 2 days now and I keep going around in circles. Its so hard to find what I need since it always seems like I end up finding either droid 2 global stuff or droid X stuff.