Droid x Unresponsive at Touch Android to Begin


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Feb 10, 2011
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I have a droid x.
I had to do a hard reset however i forgot to do the rest in clockwork and it bricked my phone. I was able to find the sbw for 30.04 but even after it gets the phone back functional i still cannot touch the screen. I dont know if the screen died or what. I can use any other sbf because of the 30.04 boot loader.

Any tips to get the phone back functional.

I have done resets and clear cached and formatting SD card.

Look up the 2.3.320 sbf. Its not much different than the 2.3.340 ota. Just look up it and then rsd lite ando that

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oh and the bootloader is 30.04 so use the 2.3.320 sbf

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I installed the happy holidays one. It works but I cant touch the droid to begin. I tried the coucnter clockwise tap didnt work.

Thanks also

Should i try the 340 system only