Droid X screen black, removed battery, attempt to reboot, starts but stops


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Feb 17, 2012
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droid x screen froze, went black, phone shut off. I took out battery, waited, reinstalled, attempt to reboot, M came on and then the red eye began but stopped and phone shut off. I attempted this several times. I even tried charging the phone though the battery wasn't dead prior. Later, I thought the phone was dead and it was in my pocket during class, suddenly it began to make sound like texts were being received and the green light flashed, though the screen was black and none of the buttons did anything. It didn't respond until I took out the battery to silence the thing. Prior to this, I hadn't noticed a problem with the phone, just the typical freezes once in awhile. I had just attempted to sync my bluetooth with the phone and when I switched it to bluetooth, it couldn't find the device, this is when the phone died on me. Doesn't make sense. When I have the battery in, it may get really hot. This has gone on for a few days with no change. I wonder if I need a new battery? The Verizon store guy said he never saw the droid do this, of course and the tech guy on line said I needed a new phone and told me to get the Pantech Breakout since it is the same as my droid X. The Verizon guy at store told me to buy the Razr Maxx....I have had my phone nearly two years (in August) and I hate to pay the money now to replace it. I was told a battery is $39.99, much better route I'd prefer. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Nov 2, 2010
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No phone insurance I'm guessing? First off this is the OG Droid forum, not the Droid X forum. Second, if you pay $40 for a battery there is something wrong as they are 1/4 that price on Amazon. What I would do if I were you is try to SBF the phone and see if that works. Google "Droid X SBF" for multiple walkthroughs and go from there. If a SBF does not work then it might be the battery or the motherboard might just be shot. If that is the case then just pick up another phone off ebay for $100 or less and use that till August. There are always Droid 1s for sale in that price range, DXs are close to that price... I'd also look for a Fascinate which should be about in that price range.

Also, please never never never NEVER listen to what the "Verizon guy at store" tells you. Most of them know squat about phones, just what their computer tells them. Sort of like the guys at the big box auto parts stores, who are not mechanics but will get all upset if you bring up this very obvious fact. Do your own research, look around at multiple forums, browse the development forums for each phone you are interested in and make posts, people will help out. The Pantech Breakout is not an upgrade from a DX and there are plenty of other free with upgrade 4G phones that are much better. The Razr Maxx is indeed a very nice phone but again, do your own research, you might decide you want something else. Like I said in your case I would try to SBF your DX and if yours is truly dead, find a good used Android on ebay/Craigslist and go with it until August. Phones you should be able to get in the sub $100 to $150 range are: Droid 1, Droid 2, Droid X, and Fascinate. Better than spending $400 for a Breakout or $600 for a Razr Maxx when you are 5 months away from your upgrade which will get you the Razr Maxx for probably free at that point with the rate that phones are being released. Heck, some brand newly released top spec phones are available for under $100 with upgrade...

Hope that helped.