black lit screen


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Jul 30, 2010
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ive had my Motorola droid for a while and have had no problems, it is in a rubberized case, today it slid off of a stool, like a foot onto the ground, no physical signs of damage it wasn't that bad of a fall i would think, however, the screen is completely black, the back light is on and the key board is lit up, when i plug it into a charger the charger light comes on, i can only shut it off by taking the battery out, when i turn it back on it doesn't even go to the M screen it just stays black, i tried the hard reset, still nothing??
Sounds like you better call verizon and get a warranty replacement.

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yay! i fixed it! i did the hard resent only i pressed X Power while it was still on and it went to the warning sign and i followed the rest of the steps, weird... but im not complaining!!