Black screen?


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Mar 15, 2011
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Hey, I got my Droid last year in late November and it's been working fine until today. I had to go to court today, and I had to turn off my phone. When I turned it back on, all was fine and I started texting my friend as if nothing was going on.

When I tried unlocking my phone to respond to her, the screen wouldn't come up, just the back light. I removed my battery and when all seems to be working again, the same thing happens after a few minutes. I'm sure it's not a display problem because the screen does come back when I turn it on after removing the battery, but it does go to black as soon as it's locked and I try to unlock it.

Could it be a battery problem? My original battery is missing and I'm temporarily using a cheap knock off version as a back up until a new one comes in the mail this week.

I don't want to return my phone or refurbish it in any way. I'm not a verizon customer (flashed my phone to metropcs) and I'm worried that refurbishing the system to it's factory settings will mess up the flash.