Droid X Problem!!!!!!!


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May 14, 2011
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Anchorage, AK
well this is my 5th droid x that is making its way too me. all of them to seem to keep powering down on me and then right after i get get done rooting it, it seems to not want to boot back up. not sure exactly what im doing wrong here. ive read all sorts of newbie threads and read everything that i can about rooting my phone. quite aggravated to tell you the true. but good thing verizon doesnt know that im trying this otherwise i wouldn't be getting free phones over and over. if there is anyone that could give me a rooting for dummies run down that would be great. i would say that i was once computer savvy, but after all this i dont know about that anymore. sorry about my ranting, but im tired of not having my phone for about a month and a half. really apperciate the help if any hope to get things figured out. thanks.