Droid X mobile hotspot drops

tom riddle

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Nov 19, 2010
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Saw quite a few posts regarding the mobile hotspot dropping and then rebooting the DX. I had the same issue and fixed it, so maybe this will work for others. I noticed it happened when the display timout occured. I set it to never and my hotspot drops have stopped.
my problem is that it just drops, even in the middle of using it. it's not a matter of turning off wifi when the display turns off to conserve power.
No, not wifi, the display timeout, set it to never when using the hotspot. I don't use the wifi.
Ah, misunderstood your reply. It's early and I need coffee, lol.
Have you tried setting your channel to a different number like 7?
Verizon 3G hotspot limited access

I had some issues with my droid 2 and using the hot spot, It would work for a short time and then my internet would drop. everything said everything was working well and it showed I was actually still connected but it said with limited access, which it wasn't limited at all, it wouldn't let me do anything. and I have been searching for a way to fix and I came across one soultion. I got on the market and downloaded easytether, its free, you have to download drivers for your OS for your computer onto your phone and then from your phone onto the computer and with easy tether they have instructions on how to do it. But it has worked for me. I had such as hard time finding a way to fix it, I just wanted to share this with everyone and hope that it works for more then just me.
Tethering works just fine via USB, but it appears the Wi-Fi connection between the phone and computer are interfering with teh 3G connection.

I've been working on a solution for months, and all I can say so far is that it's not the 3G Mobile Hotspot App, it's not your computer, and it's not your phone's hardware, nor is it Verizon. I believe it's Android somehow, though Android 2.3 didn't solve the problem. Still working on it!