Droid X Exchange sync issue

Lloyd Xmas

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Aug 17, 2010
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Hi All-

This is my first post here, and I'm not too tech savvy, so please be nice.

I just bought a Droid X, and I'm having a syncing issue with my office's exchange server.

Everything syncs fine, EXCEPT that calendar items that I create on the Droid X show up on my assistant's desktop as "Private Appointment." It sounds as if I'm meeting up with my mistress, or reserving time for a daily encounter at a local brothel.

My former phone was a Palm Treo, and events created in it transferred over to the server just fine.

I have checked and rechecked my settings in the calendar app, and in accounts, looking for a box to uncheck so as to remove the setting that is causing all my appointments to be created as private, without success.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.