Outlook Calendar Duplicated Items when Syncing Droid X


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Aug 15, 2011
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I have a Droid x running Android 2.2.1, i have setup the corp account to sync with my office email account (Ms Exchange 2003 server ), Now suddenly, when I’m working on my outlook and create a new appointment and invite somebody, as soon it sends the invitation and save it, it will duplicate on the subsequent days the same appointment, on the phone calendar and on outlook. I figure out it should be an issue with the phone because I tried deleting the account on the phone, and creating test appointments on the outlook again as usual, and the issue didn’t happen, as soon I setup the account back on the phone to sync and did some test again, the issue was back again and start duplicating again.

Any idea what could be causing this problem?

Thanks and appreciate any suggestions or solution.