Duplicate Exchange items in Corp Calendar


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Dec 29, 2009
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Searched the forum but couldn't find anything on this.

I have my (non-rooted) Motorola Droid set up for Active Sync with my company's Exchange 2007 Server, using the stock Email and Corp Calendar apps. All was working fine until yesterday. I got a triangular "Lost Connection" notice in the notification bar and was offered a 'Resync" button. Without thinking about the implications, I did the resync. Now all my calendar items are duplicated in my Corp Calender, even past ones. Only occurs on the Droid; both my desktop Outlook and Exchange webmail display the calender correctly. I assume that my entire calender got "re-downloaded," thus the duplicate entries. Emails have not been duplicated, only the calender.

I've been researching this but haven't come up with much. Is there a way to remove the duplicates or reset my Corp Calender without having to remove and reconfigure the entire Exchange setup?

Any and all suggestions appreciated.
Just to close the loop, finally found a solution:

Phone Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Menu>Filter>All>Corporate Calendar>Clear Data

Then open Corp Calender>Menu>More>Refresh - calender repopulates

...knew as soon as I posted the question I'd probably find the answer...
Nice that it worked out for you.
Thanks. I had the same issue this morning....followed your suggested cure and that did the trick.