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Jul 23, 2010
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Sharpsville, PA
First things first, i got my Droid X yesterday and ill leave it at, this phone is amazing. One thing i tried to do and couldnt figure it out, but i really havnt put the time into figuring it out yet, but thats why im making this thread, to see if anyone else has figured it out already or know someone that knows someone that has done it.

What i want.

I want to be able to hook my D3 into my X and when i take a photo the photos pops up on the X's screen. my D3 has a HDMI cable output and the X has it also so i figured hooking it up and it woulda been a simple connection. but it wasnt. So any pointers, ideas. anything would be greatly appreciated. This would be a huge success if i could get this to work bc when im out taking photos it would be so much nicer to see the photos i take on a much bigger screen and see how they look

RW-1 i appreciate your answer. but i am not satisfied with that. im a huge believer in the "technology" and with a will theres a way. you can do a lot with tricking components and manipulating. so somehow someway it can be done. maybe a 3rd party app can bypass it and allow it somehow?

can anyone else back up the "not going to happen" or maybe its possible?
While it may be possible, its not going to happen. I'm a firm believer that the nikon/cannon should include wifi for wireless tethering to laptop/smartphone (like you want)... as well as rf strobe triggering.

We spend thousands on the camera body alone, and they can't add the $15 in components....

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Closest thing that we may someday get is what they have on iphone. Camera tethered to laptop, then phone to laptop via wifi...

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