Droid X August 25th?

i orderd mine on the 15th,30th ship date.hope i get it soon
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I finally got my email! dancedroid

lol and it was in the spam folder, sent @ freakin 3:47 this morning

ordered on the 10th, scheduled to delivery tomorrow by 3pm....man, i LOVE living right next to a fedex facility :biggrin:

It shipped at 6AM this morning, so theres even a chance of me getting it by the end of the day, though it doesn't say "out for delivery" yet.
I ordered via phone at approx 11am on 8/17 ... I'm in nj
Customer service says it won't ship until tues the 31st and i can expect it on thurs 9/2. . She can't tell me where its coming from.

I can only hope it will come sooner.

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got my notification

soo heres my story, i ordered in store on the
11th was told ship by the 25th. so i said okay.
i called CS and got told that it wouldnt ship until the
31st called a couple days later it was now the 30th.
my mom called last night and they said it would ship
thursday and get here tuesday.
well got my notification today. will arrive on the
25th. it is shipping from ontario,ca,
i live in bakersfield,ca dancedroid
Had my droid a few days now, and i gotta say....it was worth the 3 week wait. Droid x is amazing
I talked to CS again today and told them how people who ordered after me are getting their phones or at least getting delivery information ... she said it just depends on what warehouse it ships from. Sounded like total BS to me because I'm just over the bridge from Philly and people are posting from Phila saying they ordered on the 19th and are getting their phones tomorrow. Grrr...

There is one DroidX at the Moorestown Mall's Best Buy in NJ if anyone is in that area.
I am but unfortunately, I'm not 'upgrading' they are sending me out the DroidX as a warranty replacement for my D1 ... just figured I'd throw that out there in case there was anyone in NJ who was feeling desperate! :)