Droid-X and Gingerbread and Sync/Push


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Aug 8, 2011
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i have two droid-x`s pretty much identical setups (both have been rooted and not rooted and both do the same thing)
currently i do not have cellular service on either droid-x
both droid-x`s are currently running 4.5.602 OTA rooted (but i have tested stock and they do same thing)
both phones are setup to use wifi 100% of the time

"settings/wireless & networks/Wi-Fi settings/menu key/advanced/Wi-Fi sleep policy/never" = checked on
"settings/wireless & networks/Mobile networks/System select/Automatic" = checked on
"settings/Battery & data manager/Data Delivery/Background data" = checked on
"settings/Battery & data manager/Data Delivery/Data roaming" = checked off
"settings/Battery & data manager/Data Delivery/Data enabled" = checked off
"settings/Battery & data manager/Data Delivery/Social applications/Sync over Wi-Fi only" = checked on
"settings/Battery & data manager/Data Delivery/Social applications/Data delivery frequency/Automatic (Push)" = checked on
"settings/Battery & data manager/Battery mode/Performance mode" = checked on

on my desktop i login to my hotmail with chrome browser (windows 7 x64) i then send an email to my gmail account
when i do this i have google chrome setup with notifications and it notifies me i got an email
on my phone when screen is black (locked) i sometime get a notification and sometimes i do not

with skype for android
i pick up my home phone and call my skype number
sometimes i will hear it ring and alot of times it goes straight to voice mail

i can confirm with froyo everything worked 100% of the time
you know when your phone hasnt rang all day something is really wrong
same thing for gmail...i get email`s from spam at least 4x a day and i hear it on my google chome browser for my windows 7 pc and about 1/5 the time i will get a notification on my phone....

there is something majorly wrong for sure
i dont know what other apps have push settings.
is there a way to find out what apps are supposed to be syncing?

on my router i checked the logs and the phones are staying connected 100% of the time
not one drop in like 3 days unless i reset the phones or something
there is a sync/push issure for sure with gingerbread

can someone else verify their gmail push by setting their phone to the settings i have above (if applicable) and then logging into another email account and send yourself a gmail email?
check to see if your sync/push is working
i am betting its not working on any apps consistantly
let me know

little more info to add
if i turn my phone to off
i then turn my phone to on and let it boot to the lock screen but i "do not" unlock it and i let it goto sleep and if i wait like an hour and try to send me an email or call my android skype number none of that will make it to my phones`s
if i hit the "back" button to look at the "locked screen"
i can then see my "wifi" and "cellular" are white in the notification area instead of the normal blue.
if i then unlock my phone and let it boot to the desktop the "wifi" and "cellular" will turn blue and then i will recieve my emails and skype notifications

there is definately a bug somewheres....

more info:

after i am at desktop of phone and i let the phone fall asleep and i wait a little over an hour.
i then hit the back button i can see notification icons of the "WIFI" and "CELLULAR" they are still BLUE
i then slide to unlock....it goes to desktop and then after a couple seconds the "WIFI" and "CELLULAR" BLUE icons turn WHITE for about 15 seconds or so and then they go back to BLUE....and then i hear my email notifications and skype missed calls

this GB IS BAD!!!!
something majorly wrong with sync/push/wifi keeping connection but losing data or something
something just is not right
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Aug 8, 2011
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anyone going to at least attempt to verify my results?
dont take that long to test it out
after you make changes:
power off phone
pull battery 5 seconds
put battery back in
power on phone
then follow directions in 1st post.
see if same happens to you.

it dont take an hour i think you just have to wait like 10mins