Droid won't charge, need help.


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Aug 10, 2011
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I plugged my phone in tonight with the same charger i have been using for 6 months in the same outlet i have been using for 6 months and my phone doesn't seem to even detect it's been plugged in. I have tried rebooting, tried reseating the battery multiple times, tried 4 different outlets, tried wiggling the charger around in case it's just sensitive. My phone charged fine last night and has never had a problem with charging before now. When i plug it in i get no indication that it has been plugged in. It also will not charge when off.
Either the phone or the charger.....

Your phone is an eris too, not a droid.
The charging port on the Eris is pitiful at best. They are known for going bad. Try another mini USB cable and make sure the charging port isn't just stretched out. If that doesnt work, there are plans floating around on sacrificing a USB cable to directly charge your battery.