Droid with Exchange 2007


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Jan 19, 2012
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We are having a few problems with our droid devices connecting to our exchange server using corp. sync. Our exchange server has gone through a few changes in the past few weeks, we are no longer using a self signed certificate....we now use a certificate from go daddy. We also moved our exchange server behind our new SonicWall appliance. Before these changes we had no trouble with our phones, be they Droid or Iphones.

Now if you have an existing account setup on your Droid phone you can still access it, get updates, send and receive emails, get updates to your calendar...everything works just like it should.

If you do not have an account setup on a droid device you can not connect to the exchange server....it gives the message back that it can not connect to the server. If you have an Iphone you can setup accounts....this problem is limited to ONLY the droid devices.

I am stuck on this problem, I can find no errors in the new certificate from go daddy, and no configuration errors on the sonicwall....I would think that both the certificate and the sonicwall would be correct as existing users can connect.

Please help...I am very stuck.

We are running exchange 2007 and have a mixture of Droid and Iphone devices.