Droid won't connect to wifi internet through sonicwall


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Jul 26, 2010
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I have a friend's droid wich he wants to connect to the web using our wifi network, we have a sonicwall login system, which has been no problem with our iphones, ipod touches etc. when we entered google into the address bar it simply redirected us to sonicwall, we log in, and it redirects us to google. But with the Droid when i type google into the address bar, it simply says the page cannot be displayed, no redirect, nothing, anybody know a fix for this?
Believe it or not, I actually have the same problem on my wii! My droid works though. The problem may be firewall blocking your droid, or you have to change the security on your sonicwall page
We use Sonicwalls at work and have the same issue. I have opened tickets with Sonicwall to see what the deal is, I figure they have a ton of requests to fix this but no reply yet. I keep checking...hopefully soon.

I know that if I have an AP that is wired to the Sonicwall it won't work however if I use the TZ180Ws wireless it will work.