Droid wet with soda.


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May 6, 2011
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Today while driving to school I found my droid 2 got wet inside of a plastic bag that my lunch was in from a small soda. I'm really upset and in trouble here.

There is a little red light on, in the top of the phone, and when it got wet the flashlight on the back turned on. Yes the phone was on in the bag I believe, I tried to turn off and I think that was a mistake.

I brought it into the school office, and we tried drying it with lightly dabbing the inside with towls and a fan, now it is sitting in a ziplock bag of white rice.

I had both a plastic case and paper cover on the phone when it got wet.

I also was just informed by my Mother that I have NO INSURANCE! I signed up for it and she cancelled it cause she said it was to much money.

Is my phone a lost cause? Is there anything else I can be doing? I recently lost my job, and have no money at all for a replacement or new one. If there is any help or advice you guys can give me I would really appreciate it.