Droid Volume Excessively Low or Acting Differently than in the Past.


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Nov 16, 2009
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When in gps navigation mode (ext power) or listening to music (Pandora) sometimes the phone gets into a low volume mode where at max volume you have to hold the phone to your ear to hear it. I have found that this can be "fixed" by powering down the phone completely (hold down the power button until you get the Phone Options Menu and then select "Power Off") I suspect that this has the effect of rebooting the computer...

In general I think that this should be tried if the phone starts acting differently than in the past. Something like rebooting a pc that starts acting up.
Iclickjohn, after reading your Softpedia attachment which points out that the Ringtone Volume is also only audible if you have the phone is close to your ear, I recalled that I had also failed to answer calls which were received while the phone was in this abnormal state- a much more serious problem!
I'm on my third Droid and I have this problem. First time it happened (Sunday), I took it back to the store where a reset fixed it, but it happened again last night while I was driving home - I lost audio directions in Google Nav.

I didn't have this issue with the first two. #1 had the dreaded reboot problem and #2 had an ill-fitting slider.
I just exchanged my droid for a new one with no problems for this problem
So just to clarify, you're saying the sound comes from the ear piece rather than the external speaker thus needing to hold it close to your ear?
So just to clarify, you're saying the sound comes from the ear piece rather than the external speaker thus needing to hold it close to your ear?

Nope, the sound still came from the speaker it was just really quiet and distorted
I have had this happen twice. It seems to be related to receiving a call and answering on a Bluetooth headset, while the Navigation app is running. When the call hangs up, all sounds start going to the earpiece instead of the headset.

First time, I reset the phone. Second time, I had a little more time to play, and I killed all non-hidden tasks with task-killer, and it cleared the problem. Not sure which app was the culprit though.

with me it was not related to nav or bluetooth. In fact I tried but could find no cause. Also, with my phone the sound was coming from the speaker not the bluetooth.
Low Droid Volume

I had the same problem after down loading "Ringer toggle widget" which I uninstalled. (I would uninstall any app or widget which concerned sound and reload carefully.)

I backed up everything I could in Apps Manager and google.

Then went to Settings, Privacy, (checked 'Back up my settings') and then did a
'Factory data reset'. Then followed instructions with almost complete restoration of all my apps and settings.

Sound came back to full volume.
I had the same problem with Google Navigation over the weekend.

I'm hopnig it's just a software glitch with the phone that will be resolved soon.
Mine was not coming from the speaker but form the earpiece. Don't own bluetooth headset so that wasn't it for me.

I started a phonecall (voicemail) and switched it to speakerphone and ended the call and the sound returned to coming out the speakers. I then got a txt, which revert the low sound, from earpiece, not speaker.
i had this happen to me yesterday. i was listening to pandora using headphones and tried using navigation. it would tone out pandora, but then the navigation instructions were inaudible. i should note that ringer and media vol were at max as i used the headphones while on my motorcycle.
This has happened to me for the first time today also...The ring volume showed it was on high....missed a couple of calls...then pulled the battery to reset and then it worked fine....