Droid Turbo Wont Turn On


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Apr 12, 2015
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Last night my phone died, I could see the little screen identifying that it had died so I know it was working properly, so then I go to plug it in and I get the green notification light, I find this odd but see that the charging sign is there. But it then quickly goes away. If I unplug it I see it is uncharged, but if I plugged it in the screen would go dark. So I went to bed and woke up and now absolutely nothing. I've tried a soft reboot, I've tried holding the power down, I've tried pressing it, it just wont turn on. The only time I see anything is when I plug it into my laptop the notification light comes on and if I hold the power button down the light goes dim, then shuts off. Is there any way to fix this because my phone was working fine until I tried to charge it


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Jan 16, 2012
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Plug it into the turbo charger(one that came with the device) and leave it there for a few hours and try again ... But it sounds like your device is below default charging levels.. Your best bet is the turbo charger.. And leaving it on there for a few hours.. If this doesn't work.. You'll need to either warranty the device.. Or buy a factory programming cable.. They sell on amazon for around 20-30$..

@FoxKat is the resident battery guy... He may be able to help you more..