Droid Touch Screen FML


Dec 12, 2009
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My screen isn't scratched or anything and it always spazzes on me like when I'm on the internet it click random links and to fix I press lock button then thurn back on then its good for about 30 seconds then it starts again, it randomly clicks links and it won't respond when I touch it 50% of the time so I use my dpad to navigate, what should I do? Take it to verizon or deal with it until I can get a new phone? I got it in december or november, also in the morning every morning it says emergency call not sent with a bunch of numbers so it auto dials it self on the emergancy dialer. The screen controls it self, normally I can send texts without problems but it still spazzes out.
This started happening like a month or 5wo ago, could it be that its always in my pocket?
Should I take it to verizon or take it to verizon when the droid pro comes out? Lol help?
If it's acting up take it to the store, What would the point of taking it when the pro comes out?