droid to tv input cable?


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Dec 14, 2009
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Wondering if there is a cable that is sold to hook up the droid to a tv. In essence be able to use it as a movie player and send the signal to the tv for video and audio. We could install movies on our droid and simply view them tru our tv. Is there such an animal.
VZW has a few Windows Mobile devices that do this (HTC Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch pro 2, and I think the Omnia II might as well, need to check the manual on that. Cable is extra of course).

could it be something than an app could accomplish. I was thinking micro usb to rca cables. But wasn't sure if the usb port on the phone could even send out sound or video. Maybe something the developers could tackle.
That's an excellent question that pops up in many threads here.
USB to Win 7 computer, via Media Center to your Xbox 360 to your TV


OK, I don't really know if that works, but it sounds good.
I could try the droid connected to my laptop with an HDMI connection to the TV and see if that works, I know the rumors of future android phones have mentioned hdmi's, but it's not something I'd jump and scream for lol.
Lets take it a step further. Wouldn't a droid to projector connection be cool.
Some company has shown a projector small enough to fit inside current mobile phones. We should see them by the end of the year.
This would be an awesome feature...I would definitely invest some money in something that could accomplish this task!!
Imagine the possibilities. this phone is awesome.
Hey guys try this app called twonky it makes ur phone a full media player to ur tv u can connect it to the xbox 360 or the ps3 and watch videos photos and music and if u see the comments on it some one sais that he was able to watch movies too. I haven't tryed it myself yet cause I've been busy but it sounds good. And by the way johny depth guy. U need to stop cause I just proved u wrong homie!! And of course I bet ur goin to come back and talk more sh** its ok!