Droid - sound output at times like Alvin & the Chipmunks


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May 18, 2010
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I've had a persistent issue with my Droid on playback of (thus far) Audio, whether it is the Music app (the default Droid one), or when I have used Pandora.

Pandora Version: 1.5.1

Motorola Droid
Android Version: 2.2
Build Number: FRG22D

It says the system is up to date, and it is not rooted.

What happens is that it will play fine the majority of the time without issue, whether it is Pandora or the Music app. Pandora is playing streaming audio, and it's at the default setting (not trying to get high quality). The music app is playing usually MP3's that I have on my phone, either an album I've ripped on my computer & copied to the phone, or an MP3 I have downloaded to the phone directly.

These files play fine on the Droid most of the time, and play fine elsewhere on other systems.

What I have noticed though, is that it occasionally will get sped up very fast, to where any vocals sound like Alvin & the Chipmunks. Nothing against Alvin, but I'm not listening to the Chipmunks.

I emailed Pandora about the issue, and they told me to uninstall the application, power the phone down & pull the battery, then re-install the application.

I haven't done that yet, but the fact that the same thing seems to affect BOTH Pandora (streaming) AND the Music (MP3) app, tells me it may be something else that is an OS issue on the Droid.

Nothing regularly "triggers" it, but on my Droid, what I have noticed is that it has a greatly increased tendency to do it if I'm listening to Pandora or the Music & receive a phone call. The music will pause on both while I'm on the call, but once playback starts when the call ends, it's about 50-50 that it's going to do the Chipmunks thing.

Is there a fix for this? I've looked on forums & found relatively little on it, and nowhere has anyone I've seen said what caused, led up to, or contributed to it.

Any ideas?

This has been previously mentioned, though I don't know if there was a solution. I occasionally (and not for some time now) had the opposite problem. Audio, whether from xiia or listening to mp3s, would slow down randomly. a reboot fixed it, but I don't know what the cause was.
I just got a "new" (reconditioned) Droid, the original Motorola model, and it has the same problem. It's not confined to Pandora. Amazon MP3 player does it too, at least if you are playing songs stored on a cloud drive. It seems to happen consistently - if anyone calls while I'm listening to songs on either app, it goes to Chipmunk-mode after we hang up, and only a reboot seems to help.

UPDATE: So much for consistency. Today I got two calls while listening to Pandora, and Pandora worked fine afterward. Surely the length of the call doesn't matter (these two calls were very brief, while the ones that triggered my original post were lengthy)?
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I had this happen to me for the first time yesterday. I was playing mp3s through PowerAmp, I got a call so I took it, but my BT headset didn't work correctly so I ended up using the phone instead of the headset. When I hung up from the call I went to play music again and boom Chipmunks.

A reboot fixed it but it was very strange.

I assumed it had something to do with the combination of my BT not working correctly, the call coming in, and music being played all at the same time.

I listen to mp3s on my commute home, and I typically get at least one call to interrupt playback, never had this happen before.