Droid Audio high pitched/fast


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Oct 14, 2010
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I have had the original Motorola Droid phone since the first weekend it was available. All of a sudden today it sounds like someone Alvin and the Chipmunked my audio. Game music playing too fast. Droid notification sounds like a girl instead of a boy. Any ideas? Anyone else having this problem? Kind of wigging me out.
High pitched audio

I too have this problem, but only when I plug it into the aux port of the stereo in ONE of my cars. My other car works fine.

Is this an electrical ground isolation issue???
I power cycled mine and the problem went away. Very weird.
happens from time to time. i notice it if i get a call while i'm using pandora.
I have this issue too. Power cycling works sometimes. I have also had issues where the integrated music player will start playing randomly while using Pandora or Rhapsody. Of course this all happens after the 1 yr. warranty expires.