droid replacement..help asap


Aug 30, 2010
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south carolina
ok, this is what just happened...the other night my phone was messing up not reading the sd card for some reason so i called verizon and they said they would send me out a replacement phone the next day..that was at 11:30 at night..then i formatted my card and got my phone to work so instead of wanting the new phone, cause mine is only one month old, i called them the next morning and told them to cancel the order that i didnt want it cause i had my working fine again..they gave me a confirmation number saying the order was canceled and wouldnt be shipped...well fed ex comes this morning with the phone anyway...i told the guy to send it back cause i didnt need it and then i thought maybe i could have kept that one and my phone since they canceled it..well i called verizon and asked them was the order ever shipped and they said no it was canceled.... well the question is can i still keep that phone since they messed up and not send it back to them? i know these phones dont have sim cards which i know i could do this with a company with like tmobile or at&t, but verizon doesnt take sims and they actually activate the phone by im guessing the numbers inside the phone..so if someone tried to activate it, it prob would just activate my new phone with my MY number wouldnt it? if someone knows this then let me know cause ill keep it if not or even if i can just keep it as a backup for myself if my warranty ever runs out...
Verizon will catch their mistake sooner or later and you will get a nice $500 charge on your bill when they do. I wouldn't trust the reps anyways, half the time you get completely opposite answers when you talk to different people.

Send the replacement back and be happy you have a working phone.
If it were me, I'd return it! Take the high road send one back.
yes i sent it back...thanks i just wanted to ask....i wasnt gonna sell it or anything..just keep it for emergencies..but like i said i had already sent it back before i got on here and wrote this message...but i could have always called fed ex and told them i changed my mind and went and picked it up at fed ex..lol...but i aint worried bout it..thanks
Id keep it until they ask for it. If and when they contact you, just say you put it in one of those FedEx boxes.
but see they have the imei numbers and all the numbers inside the phone so if it ever gets activated they would know...thats the only thing i was actually worried about...like i said, with tmobile and at&t it can def be kept cause they dont go by that they just go by the persons sim that is in the phone so would be easy to keep it and them not know...
and fedex of course would give the warehouse a confirmation i received it also so idk...i guess it is one of those things u have a chance of winning, but the chances r slim due to the no sim card thing...lol
Depends on what state you in if keeping the phone (Stealing it actually) would be a felony or not based on the cost of the device....

Returning was a good idea and the right thing to do.
If you want your original phone snd have the problem fixed send it back. It isn't even about morals, even if Verizon doesn't show the phone being received, Fedex does and they will report the order back to Verizon and itthe full price will end up on your next bill. Hope it works out for ya.