Droid razr- screen goes black when typing


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Jan 28, 2012
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I've had a weird issue where the screen will go black, like it has timed out even I'm working/scrolling. Some days it won't happen then other days it happens a lot. Have been to 2 Verizon stores and they don't know and have never heard of the problem or know how to fix it, only thing they suggest is task killer or possibly sending it in for a refurbished one.

Then one time I knew I had just gotten a text and hit the button to turn the screen on and nothing happened, the phone was still on but no lights or screen came on. I pressed and held power button and luckily I was able to guess where the power off button on the screen was and turned it off. After that the lights and screen worked fine when I rebooted.

Anyone have any ideas or fixes?

Am new to Droids and smartphones but know going black when working shouldn't happen. Thanks
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