Droid Razr M KitKat Problems


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May 15, 2012
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Ok so since upgrading to KitKat I've been having a number of problems, first off I'm not a HUGE fan of the KitKat but its not a bad system, so for problems my battery life has taken at least a 40% hit(saw other post on this too), second when playing music through a headphone after clicking play and then turning off the screen the music will stop (pause on its own) then you must turn it back on and click play and it sometimes won't start playing or it will play no audio even though the volume says its at full, unplugging and then plugging the headphones back in will cause it to pause and then after clicking play the volume will come back at only 15%, once its playing it will often pause and display the moving "equalizer" on the queue list but the time will not count up and there is no sound, again click pause and then play and it will come back on the phone speaker and you have to unplug and re connect the headphone cord and the volume is back to 15%, then while listening to music at random with screen locked or unlocked the Google voice search will pop up on its own interrupting my music, I have disabled all hot word detections and tried to deactivate all the search features of the app but it will still pop up and then after clicking "home" to close the app my music has stopped playing and will not restart without unplugging and plugging the headphone cord back in and again the volume is set back to 15%, any ideas or just need a new phone?