Droid Razr - end all apps and programs running?


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Feb 13, 2012
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Is there a way with the Razr to end all the apps and programs that are running? I had a Galaxy S before and you'd hold down the home button and then select End All and it would clear what was running. Does the Razr have this? I see where I can stop certain programs that are running but you have to do each one and I've found they start running again (are listed again as running) after I close them sometimes.
Well, you have the built-in Task Manager that has an auto-end list. I used GO Launcher for my themes and it has the option to kill everything. Some of the programs that are running are services and you dont want to kill them.

I don't use a Task Manager, the RAZR has a very intuitive task manager built in, and I've never had a problem.