SAFE MODE on Droid RAZR & RAZR MAXX...yep, it's a winner!

I agree, +1 for Like in DroidForums app too! That and a few other minor tweaks, such as simleys :D and the DroidForums app would be perfect.

DroidForums was the other app I looked at. But the apps support it in other forums, if they are using certain version and software types. I think the mods are looking into it. I just hope the answer is "yes, we can do it."
Well, interesting is an understatement. I wonder how many more "strange" problems will simply go away due to this method of troubleshooting? Perhaps one of the following Moderators could stickie this to the top of the list.
Thanks for reminding of this. I've used safe mode before to troubleshoot my Razr. I don't know why it keeps slipping my mind when attempting to help others in their troubleshooting. It sure beats the Ole' Factory Reset when it works.