Bluetooth Button Won't Open Any Program


Dec 27, 2011
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I have a Plantronics M1100 bluetooth that works great my Razr for calls and texting. However, it will not open any programs when I push the button. I've looked for any programs that the unit may be defaulting too, but nothing. I push the button and all I get is a beep. If some one text me, I can hear it and can respond with no problems. I just can not initiate a call or text using the button.

I have tried to use the function with various apps open and on screen, such as Vlingo, AVA, Voice Search, etc.

Has anyone run across this issue? Does anyone know what would cause this?

Papa T
I finally got in touch with Plantronics and they said the button that defaults to a program, such as Vlingo or any other voice recognition program is in the phone setting. I have looked all over, but can't find where that may be. Does anyone know? Can anyone just push one of your bluetooth buttons and open a program?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.