Droid Razr - Completely Dead - White Blinking LED Light


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Oct 13, 2012
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After 3 hours of reading through different forums/posts in hopes of finding someone with the same problem as me--no luck. I guess I may have a unique issue here! ;)
I am close to year of having my Droid Razr and it is very unusual of me to let it drain dead completely. Lucky me, it did last night. I tried to charge it 5 hours after complete drainage, and I noticed my wall adapter did not show any signs of it charging. After an hour of playing the plug/look for the white LED light/hard resetting it (both the Lock + VOL DOWN and Lock + VOL UP + VOL DOWN), no charge would show. I finally got it to get to the Dualcore screen and show me a battery level of 0%. I sat and let it charge for 15 minutes and then pushed the screen lock button and it showed 10%. I thought it would be enough battery to start up my phone, and so I did a reset. Well, it just went blank/black screen. And that was the end of it.

I thought maybe it was my wall adapter, so I moved to my computer to see if it would charge. I connected it to my USB and see the white LED light, steady. After 10 minutes, it turned off--so I tried to reset it to see if it would boot. My computer will then try to install drivers for my phone and then my phone would just shut off its white LED light and then blank/black screen.

I moved back to a different outlet, and connected my phone to a wall adapter. This time, the white LED light would blink steady for a good 1-2 minutes, and then shut off. No charge is happening at all. I've tried this with two different USB adapters and two different wall adapters. Nothing has worked for my phone to even boot up. So now, it is currently connected to a different plug in, still using my original wall adapter, and I am left with no phone.

Does anyone have any ideas on what is going with my phone or what else I could possibly do to fix this issue?
Sorry for your troubles mynameiskimq. Let's hope your phone has not deep discharged to the point of not being able to take a charge. Right now you want to try to give your phone the strongest charge possible. The computer usb charge is going to give you the weakest charge. An outlet with the stock charger will give a strong charge. Sometimes a rapid car charger is even stronger. Let your phone charge non-stop for hours. Do not try to turn it on. The steady white light is not a good sign. If the light turns off after about an hour, you can press the volume down button to see if it will give you the battery percent icon. If it doesn't then the battery is still too weak. If it does that's a good sign but wait till it gets to at least 20%...preferably 100%. Wishing you good luck.
Yeah, it's sitting plugged to my original wall charger. Do you happen to know what it means for the white LED light to blink for a few minutes, and then turn off?
I wish I knew someone who had a car charger--but I've been temporary living in NY and I don't know anyone who has a car here! =[
It could turn off because it is actually charging. How long has it been plugged into an outlet? When you press the volume button, does it display the battery icon?

Also, many Verizon stores have a rapid super charger (or whatever they are called). You could try taking it to a Verizon store to see if they are able to get it to charge.
It was plugged in from 6:00PM - 2:30AM. I pushed the Vol Down button and no battery level indicator. Shoot. I guess I can try a Verizon store. =[
Nope. Nothing worked. :-(
I got a replacement phone from Verizon the next day...
Thanks that is what we had to do

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The reason being is they take so long of sitting on the charger to regain enough battery life to power on and stay on. One thing I can say is take it off of the computer charge and let it sit on a wall charger for a little while. The high speed usb port on a computer does infact give off power, enough to keep a phone powered on, however the charge the computer is giving to the phone is a false positive. Proper charging needs to come from a wall outlet.