Droid Notifications?


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Mar 13, 2011
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Hello everyone!

I think its either me or my phone...im currently using the droid x and for some reason my notifications take a veryyyy long time to come in. For ex, when im logged into face book using the regular broswer, my email notifications rarely come in my shelf. I usually have to manually go into my emails and refresh it or else i wont see them for hours sometimes even days! If anyone can give me some tips i would appreciate that, thankyou very much! Matt
I'm assuming you are referring to Gmail. That's all I use, so if not, maybe someone else can help.

Is your email synced? I just flashed a new rom the other day and forgot to go back in and check that I was synced. Hours later, confused as to why I had gotten NO EMAILS, I opened Gmail, hit refresh and about 20 popped up. I had to go into accounts and select sync.

Also, make sure Notifications is checked under Gmail settings.

Others have said they have issues with getting emails. Typically, I get emails instantly. I receive them on the desktop or laptop computer and not even 3 seconds later, my phone buzzes.