Droid newbie/Straight Talk question


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Mar 17, 2013
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Hi, first post here. I've used a Blackberry Torch for the past two years but I'm wanting to switch to an Android phone and switch from AT&T to the Straight Talk network.

I'm looking at the Droid 4 as the phone I'd like to pick up in no small part because of the physical keyboard. I read somewhere that Verizon phones do not have SIM cards...? Does anyone know if the Droid 4 can be used for data, talk, and text with Straight Talk once unlocked?

My final question due to my complete ignorance on the subject; I've read online about "flashing" to unlock phones, or some phones that require special network addresses to be entered. Is it a difficult process (or is it even possible) to unlock a Droid 4?

Thank you for any help!