Droid Google Nav Oddities


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Nov 22, 2009
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First of all, I love what the built-in nav has been able to do for me. I was driving in LA and needed to find a gas station on the way to a meeting. While on the 10 freeway I said "gas station" and the nearest gas station popped up on my screen. Life saver. On the way back in rush hour traffic it showed the traffic level.. and I rerouted to save time.

Now for what I'm not digging. I put in "Baja Fresh" in Tustin and it gave me the wrong directions for the correct address. It actually wanted me to be on the other side of the street and up the street about a quarter mile. Bah.

Another time I was driving to Benihana, and it gave me a completely incorrect address. Not only that, but when I clicked on "street view" it literally gave me a close-up of the asphalt.

Over the course of a week I noticed this incorrect location of things a few more times. Each time, the location was off the same direction and distance from the real location... NorthWest by about 100-300 meters or so. Has anyone seen this?

The navigation is more thorough that my Honda's built-in navigation. But it's been wrong a few times.