Droid freezes when trying to load SD Card...PLEASE HELP!


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Oct 14, 2010
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I recently installed the MP3 Music Download App. from the Market. I downloaded and listened to a song and my phone froze. I took the battery out and restarted the phone and it freezes when trying to load the SD Card. However, the phone still works fine when the card is out...

I am kind of new to Android phones and SD Cards in general, but any help?
Well, I do not have an X, but if this was happening to me I would do the following:

First, can you put the sdcard in a card reader on your computer? If so, delete everything the new app put on the card.

Here's some other things:

1. Uninstall the mp3 download app. Try to install the sdcard.
2. Do a hard reset.
3. Backup the sdcard to the computer and reformat the card.

Good luck.