Droid Forced Update 2.2


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Aug 21, 2010
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Hey guys,

I recently installed the rooted droid 2.2 FRG22 update. I also did a market fix to change one or more of the build strings back to mimic 2.1update1. Then I got an OTA upgrade notification, so I rebooted the phone to install another update.zip which removes the market fix, setting the build strings back to normal for FRG22.
Unfortunately when I rebooted the phone, I noticed that not only was the update notification still there, it started to automatically install! :icon_eek:
So now I'm not sure if my phone is trying to update me to a non-rooted FRG22/FRG01B or perhaps a newer (yet unknown) build of 2.2.
Is there any way to cancel this process? Also, how can I see what build number is being downloaded and from what url? I had to put the phone in airplane mode to stop the download of the update. :)
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Ok I figured it out on my own, but I'll put some info here for anyone else who might find this post. It turns out that if you have clockwork recovery or sprecovery you can just let it download the update and when the phone reboots to install it you can skip the install and reboot the phone.
I looked under the /cache partition on the phone and found the file was 9046f5a3ec09.signed-voles-ota-45394.zip, which is the OTA master update for FRG01B. I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't the newest rumored FRG update (after FRG22).
dont worry FRG22 should still be coming to your device pretty soon

love your name btw wish i had a supra still
Thanks man but I already installed FRG22. I'm still hoping to find out what the newest update has though.