DROID connecting to the computer.


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Mar 25, 2010
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I was trying to switch my pictures from my old 2gb SD card from my old phone on to the DROID so that I could keep them on my phone and put them on the new 16gb SD card. So after trying I finally caved and decided the best way would be to connect the DROID to my pc and move the pictures onto there then move them onto the 16gb SD card after I switched them back. I was able to connect the first time that I hoped on and had no problem moving the pictures from my DROID to the computer but...

After I changed the SD card I could no longer get my DROID to connect to the pc again... The phone says it is connected... Then I try to mount it and it starts saying at the top "getting sd card ready" then "turn off usb device" then goes back to mounting.... The computer doesn't recognize that anything is plugged in. I'd really like to use the 16gb SD card instead of the 2GB SD card... I haven't tried to re-connect with the 2gb sd card in after the first time. Help please!